Ten Tips for not Gaining Weight during Christmas!

Ten Tips for not Gaining Weight during Christmas!



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efore starting to eat we can have a glass of water that, in addition to helping us eliminate toxins, will also satisfy us and make us eat less. Usually during the Christmas holidays it is normal that we neglect the diet and eat a lot more than we are used to, but we must be careful and not exaggerate as this has a serious impact on our body. It is advisable to enjoy all those dishes that are typical of this time, but we must do it in moderation, it is never good to eat more than necessary and even more so if it is fat-rich foods that provide exaggerated amounts of calories that irremediably they will gain weight in a short time.

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For this reason in this opportunity we will give you some tips that will be very useful to enjoy the holidays and enjoy the delicious meals without having to think about the kilos you will earn.

  • You always have to have breakfast: If you are one of the people who believe that stopping breakfast will help you not to gain weight and that with the afternoon meal will be enough, I assure you that you are making the biggest mistake of your life, because with this is not going to achieve moderately eat as is ideal, what you achieve with this “strategy” is that in the afternoon you are much more hungry than normal, then you have to eat more than necessary, to meet the need to your body.
  • You have to eat everything: During the day eat everything that causes you, but do it in moderation, the foods that are recommended to “snack” between meals have to be preferably fruits and vegetables, you must serve the food in very small containers not to exceed the quantity of the portions.
  • Eat slowly and get good time to do it: Nutrition experts recommend their patients that they should chew all the food very well.

“Each bite should be chewed at least twenty times, this should be done so that digestion is much easier”.

      It is also important for the brain to receive the signal that it is already satisfied  and therefore you will not have to eat more.

  • You have to drink at least two liters of water a day: This will help you cleanse the body and also eliminates the toxins that are left over in it. It is also of great help for you to eat less between meals and it is recommended that before each meal we should drink a glass of water, with this at the time of eating the meals we will need a much smaller amount to be full.
  • You have to practice exercises every day: We must schedule a good series of exercises to perform every day. A very effective exercise and simple to perform is walking for half an hour every day.
  • You have to eat very low fat foods: The fish , turkey, chicken, are foods you can eat every day without fear, since they provide very few calories to the body, vegetables, vegetables and fruits have to be included in your diet.
  • It consumes very little salt: You have to lower it to the amounts of salt that you add to your food daily.
  • Do not repeat dishes: So you like a dish very much do not repeat it, it is not very good for body weight or for the body to overeat in a single meal.
  • Do not eat the dessert: At the time of eating the dessert you can refuse it, but if it is too tempting and you do not feel like you can stop eating it, you can eat only half of it, so you do not get hungry, nor do you exceed calories.
  • Choose natural juices: When you drink something fresh choose natural juices and very little amount of sugar, or you can drink water flavored naturally, this is prepared by adding a liter of fresh water the husks of two lemons, oranges or tangerines.

With these tips that we have just seen, you can be sure that you will not have weight gain problems after the holidays. You just have to follow all the recommendations to the letter and for no reason should you exceed the amount of meals that you get at Christmas, enjoy all but in moderation.



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