Foods and Supplements that Must be Included in a Vegan Diet!

Foods and Supplements that Must be Included in a Vegan Diet!

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The vegan diet is the one that excludes all types of food of animal origin. Must be followed with some caution to avoid nutritional deficits. The vegan diet is the one that does not include any type of food of animal origin, that is, meat, fish, egg, dairy, etc. Many people follow it because of personal convictions or because of health. It is a fairly strict type of diet that should be followed with some caution to avoid nutritional deficits, so ensuring you’re consuming the correct foods and supplements is essential. Purchasing your food from a reliable supermarket, checking the labels, and obtaining supplements from a capsule manufacturer or another local provider should be the kinds of things you look out for during this type of diet. Therefore, discover in this article what are the foods and supplements that should not be missing in a vegan diet.Peak Bioboost
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Vegan Diet or Vegetarian Diet

Although there are many nuances and variants, in general, a vegetarian diet is one that does not include meat or, in many cases, fish. However, it does incorporate dairy foods (lactovegetarian diet) or eggs (ovovegetarian). On the other hand, the vegan diet excludes all types of animal products. The strictest even dispense with bee honey and products that in their preparation may have involved some type of animal submission. The vegan diet can be followed for personal, religious or ethical reasons. But there are also many people who use it temporarily or regularly to improve certain health disorders. It’s lucky that many essential superfoods and supplements such as those found at can still be included for a vegetarian or vegan diet, as they are so good for the body. Hence why these diets are used in weight loss and gastrointestinal health as well.

“A healthy vegan diet can provide a variety of healing nutrients to our body”.

However, it can also be very harmful if we do not consume everything our body needs to function correctly.

Essential Foods and Supplements


The Spirulina is a superfood with high content of vitamins and minerals. It gives us a lot of energy and helps us avoid nutritional deficits. Spirulina also helps us to have a balanced weight. It is an ideal supplement to improve our health.


All algae are very remineralizing foods. Thanks to these nutrients, the problems of bones, teeth and joints are prevented. In addition, adding the seaweed to our usual stews can enrich any recipe. And, at the same time, improve the digestion of food.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast and brewer’s yeast are supplements that should not be lacking in any type of diet. They are very beneficial for health and as a beauty remedy for skin, hair and nails. In addition, nutritional yeast is very common in the vegan diet thanks to its delicious taste resembling a dried fruit or cheese. For this reason it is used regularly for creams, pates, snacks, breads, etc.

Germinated Seeds

The seeds concentrate a large amount of proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. In addition, we can enhance their properties if we keep them moist to make them germinate. We can also use, for this, a germinating container. We can add them to all types of salads, rice, pasta, etc. We recommend, especially, alfalfa, radish, lentil and broccoli.


Among all the seeds, we highlight the sesame seeds. It is one of the richest vegan foods in calcium, which we will need if we dispense with foods such as dairy products. We can consume raw sesame, toasted, ground, in oil, in cream (tahini ), in sweets, etc. It is ideal for all kinds of recipes and very common in oriental and Arabic cuisine.

Activated Nuts

Nuts are the basis of the nutritional pyramid of the vegan diet. We should not do without a handful of nuts every day. The healthiest way to consume them is raw and soaked for 8 hours to activate all their benefits and make them more digestive. After this time, we can make vegetable drinks, desserts, etc.


The lemon is not only very depurative and stimulating defenses. It also improves the assimilation of iron, so it should not be missing from our daily diet. Also, if we get organic lemons, we recommend using peeling as well. We can freeze it and have it always on hand to spice it up.


All legumes are very healthy. However, the pea is one of the most digestive and rich in protein, so it should be common in our menus. Today pea protein shakes are also very popular in the vegan diet. We can combine this powder with all kinds of fruits and its flavor is delicious.


Supplements based on probiotics improve the intestinal flora. Thanks to this virtue, they also facilitate the absorption of all nutrients. There are foods rich in probiotics. For example, sauerkraut, natural fermentation apple vinegar, kefir or umeboshi plums.


The Andean maca is a stimulating, energetic, aphrodisiac and antioxidant superfood. In addition, it is an excellent regulator of the hormonal system. At the beginning it should be consumed in small quantities, because some people can cause nervousness. It can be taken alone or mixed with a little juice or yogurt.


The avocado is the fruit par excellence. It has very complete nutritional values: protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. We can consume it daily and delight us with its flavor and creaminess in all kinds of recipes: salads, creams, sauces, smoothies, etc.


Do you usually eat mushrooms? They are one of the few wild foods that we can get today and therefore very rich in nutrients. Therefore, we must include them as accompaniment and garnish of any vegan dish. Also, there is a great variety and they are delicious. You might want to check out this medicinal mushroom chart to get a good idea of what each mushroom’s health benefit are, as there are so many varieties it can sometimes be confusing to know which one to choose.


The moringa is a tree from which seeds (a maximum of two daily) and its beautiful green leaves are eaten. Its flowers are also medicinal. It contains so many nutrients that it can be consumed daily, but in moderation. Especially, if we suffer from kidney problems.

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