What are the Exercises that Helps to Lose Weight Quickly?

What are the Exercises that Helps to Lose Weight Quickly?

If you have a few kilos of more, encourage yourself to practice an exercises routine to lose weight quickly. Believe it or not, you can start losing kilos from home. From the first two weeks of training, you can begin to notice the changes. Whether you’re using tips from hardballwarriors.com or have a personal trainer helping you, you can do this and exercise is there to help! The goal of a high intensity workout is to burn the accumulated fat in the hips, waist and bust. It’s about doing intense anaerobic exercises that accelerate your cardiovascular system and burn glycogen reserves. These are combined with low-intensity aerobic exercises that prepare muscles and tendons. It is important to combine the exercises with a balanced diet . The advisable thing is that if you try to lose weight, decrease the calories of your daily diet. Also, commit yourself to perform the exercise routines with discipline to obtain the desired results.

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Workouts to Lose Weight: The First Steps

All training is divided into two phases:

  • First heating phase.
  • Second phase of higher intensity exercises.

Warming up is about preparing the muscles and tendons with stretching and low intensity exercises. The goal is to avoid injuries that may occur in the high intensity phase if the muscles are not prepared for sudden and sudden movements. The idea is to perform 20 minutes of warm-up with cardiovascular activities that increase your heart rate.

“Moderate exercises like jogging, pedaling a bicycle, and even dancing are perfect for warm-up”.

For the second phase of higher intensity exercise, cardiovascular activity must be intense. Exercises such as skipping, burpees, strides and squats are recommended for this phase. If in addition to losing weight, you want to tone muscles you can include exercises with weights or rubber bands.

The Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

For the warm-up phase we recommend this routine:

  • Dedicate the first 10 minutes for stretching. For example, touch the floor with your fingertips without flexing the knees and rotate the trunk.
  • Then, jog in the same place.
  • After 15 minutes, jump open and close boats and legs at the same time for 5 more minutes.

For the training phase, we recommend you:


Run in the same place and raise your knees as high as you can.


Step aside and lift the opposite foot back as far as you can. Do it with both feet.


With one leg in front and another one simulating a step, he exchanges the position of each one with a jump.


With the same previous position, raise the knee of the advanced foot several times and interspersed with the other leg.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Activity

Improve Your Mood

Physical activity has an effect on the production of hormones that will make you feel happier and fulfilled with yourself. Also, if you persist with the exercises, you can improve your figure and musculature. Therefore, you will see yourself in better shape and you will increase your self-esteem.

Burns Fat Quickly

The exercises to lose weight quickly have a higher cardiovascular requirement. Therefore, they allow you to burn fatter in a shorter period of time than conventional exercises.

Accelerates the Metabolism

Constant cardiovascular exercise increases the basal metabolic rate. As a result, your body will not convert calories into fat but will accelerate the process to burn it.

Increase of Muscles

High intensity cardiovascular exercises can be combined with workouts to shape muscles. The growth of the muscles benefits from the decrease in fat deposits.

Importance of Maintaining an Exercise Routine

When you intend to do exercises to lose weight quickly, it is necessary that you plan to comply with an exercise routine. If you’ve been used to waist training for a long period for example, it is going to be important for you to find an alternative to the usual exercises you do as you no longer have the waist trainer there to support you. It is essential that you be disciplined with yourself and do not give up the first days of training, as you are not going to see result immediately. Help yourself stay motivated by getting yourself some top-quality workout gear so you feel like you look the part. You can see this page for any codes and coupons available when shopping online with well-known brands, like Nike. Your exercise routine should be ordered and specify by day what area of ??your body you will work. Do not work the same areas of the body every day because you can cause injuries or have a disproportionate weight loss. The idea is to let each area rest, at least, one day. Also, you can vary your exercise routine every two weeks to add dynamism to the training. Alternate the exercises of the upper train with those of the middle and lower train each day. In this way, your muscles will perform properly. On the other hand, do not forget that the results of your effort will make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself. Losing weight always requires commitment, time and dedication.

Exercises and a Balanced Diet

Food plays a very important role when you are looking to lose weight. It will be useless to make an effort to burn fat with physical activity if you recover easily with high-calorie foods. Basically, you should undertake a low calorie, but healthy eating plan. The secret is that the food you eat should provide you with many nutrients and few calories. Thus, physical activity burns and reduces accumulated fat deposits in your body and it could not regenerate. Some of the foods that we recommend you consume are:

  • Vegetables and green leafy vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Whole eggs and chicken breast
  • Fruits
  • Lean meats
  • Fish
  • Whole grains

In addition, it is important that you decrease the consumption of saturated fats, sodium, cholesterol and sugar. These compounds serve as fuel to maintain and strengthen the accumulated fat in the body.

Additional Tips

In addition to complying with a balanced and healthy diet, you must take into account other recommendations to lose weight successfully.

  • Do not do exercises that exceed your capacity. Remember that you will acquire physical abilities with the practice and training of the body. If you expose yourself to very demanding exercises without being prepared, you could be injured.
  • Do exercises for moderate periods of time. This recommendation also has to do with avoiding injuries. Dedicating one hour a day to physical activity is enough.
  • In some cases, it is recommended that you go to the cardiologist to perform an exercise The result of the test will allow you to know if your cardiovascular system is in accordance with these levels of demand. The exercises to lose weight quickly require it.

Yes, you can lose weight quickly with an exercise routine planned according to your goals. To obtain it, we recommend you contact a specialist in the area, are you ready to start?


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