To Avoid Kidney Stones what Type of Diet Should be Followed?

To Avoid Kidney Stones what Type of Diet Should be Followed?

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Drinking enough water is essential to purify toxins from the kidneys, prevent the accumulation of waste and the possible formation of kidney stones. All those who suffer kidney stones know well the suffering that entails. It is a health problem that affects an important part of the population and generates many doubts. Which diet is the most appropriate if you have kidney stones? We explain it to you below.

How are Kidney Stones Formed?

Kidney stones can be formed in several ways. The calcium can be bound to substances, such as oxalate or phosphorus in the urine, these chemicals are so concentrated that solidify. The accumulation of uric acid by the metabolism of proteins can also cause stones. The dietary recommendations that we offer are general. Depending on the type of kidney stone you have, some will be more applicable to you than others.

Diet for People who Suffer from Kidney Stones

According to studies available on nutrition for kidney problems, a diet low in oxalates, protein, salt and sugar can help us both prevent and treat this problem and prevent relapse.

1. Drink more Water

It’s probably the first thing the doctor has told you, and you might already know. Keep well hydrated is essential to dilute the substances that form kidney stones. Drink between 8 and 12 glasses of water a day. Look at the composition of the water you consume and choose it low in minerals if possible.

2. Limit the Consumption of Salt

An important aspect a high level of sodium in the body can promote the accumulation of calcium in the urine. Add little salt to your meals, but above all decrease the consumption of fast and processed food (for example, potato chips or precooked dishes); it is the largest source of sodium in the diet. If you go out to eat at a restaurant it is important that you inform them that you cannot eat with lots of salt.

3. Limit the Consumption of Sweets and Cola

The consumption of sugar increases the concentration of calcium in the urine, and as a consequence decreases the amount we urinate. That excess calcium does not come from sugar or sugary foods; it comes from your bones. Although you do not notice it now, decalcification has dangerous long-term effects, in addition to the risk it poses for the formation of kidney stones. The soft drink cola are not recommended.

“Soft drinks are high in phosphate, a substance that promotes the formation of kidney stones”.

4. The Risk of Oxalates

excess oxalates can be solidified and combined with calcium in the form of kidney stones. If you have this type of calculation, the best thing you can do is reduce the amount of oxalates you consume. Some foods rich in oxalates are chocolate, spinach, tea, sweet potatoes or beets. If you want to consume oxalates make sure you do it with a food rich in calcium. This way you will ensure that oxalates bind to calcium during digestion, before reaching the kidneys. It is essential to consume calcium. But it is important to know that although foods rich in calcium do not pose any risk, calcium supplements have been associated with the formation of kidney stones. These are some of the best sources of calcium in the diet (make sure you take enough vitamin D to be able to effectively absorb calcium):

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Cashew nuts
  • Nuts
  • Vegetables

5. Fruits Rich in Vitamin C

Citrate, a substance naturally present in citrus fruits can help reduce and even block the formation of kidney stones. Some citrus fruits are lemon, orange or grapefruit. A good way to incorporate citrus fruits into your diet is to eat them for dessert. You can also start the day with a lemon and orange juice, or drink water with a little lemon (do not include sugar).

6. Beware of Meats and Eggs

Many sources of animal protein, such as red meat or pork, increase the amount of uric acid your body produces. If you have calculations of this type, it would be convenient to limit the amount of animal protein you consume and replace it with vegetable protein (legumes, quinoa, etc.). The excess of protein also reduces the level of citrate in the urine. As we saw above with citrus, citrate prevents the formation of kidney stones. If you have kidney problems and want to increase or decrease the amount of protein in your diet, consult a doctor first.

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