5 Tasty Snacks for Your Diet with Less than 100 Calories!

5 Tasty Snacks for Your Diet with Less than 100 Calories!


Enjoy these snacks for your diet with less than 100 calories and do not go hungry. What do you usually eat when you have a craving? We know that the simplest thing is to take whatever you have at hand. The problem is that if you choose something commercial you could be ingesting too many calories, sodium and sweeteners. To make the weight loss process easier, we will give you some snacks with less than 100 calories. All are very practical, simple to take with you and delicious. The best thing is that because they are so natural, they provide nutrients of good quality.

Depending on the snack you choose, you will get antioxidants, proteins and fiber. Try to alternate the options that we will give you to avoid boredom.

1. Pumpkin in Baked Chips

One of the most common cravings is commercial potatoes. We all love them because they have a mixture of flavor and crispy consistency. The problem is that to obtain that consistency they have had to go through deep frying. The risk of this type of preparation is that normal chips absorb high amounts of poor quality fats. Alternatively, take a green squash and cut it into thin slices. Place the slices on a tray with a little oil and season with pepper and salt. Then, you just need to put them in the oven and wait for them to be crispy. This is the first of the snacks with less than 100 calories and our favorite, it has about 99 calories. If you are a lover of chips, prepare some portions of this pumpkin and keep them handy.

2. Tomato with Lemon and a Touch of Salt

The second of the snacks with less than 100 calories barely and provides 15 calories. Tomato is well known for being a versatile food that combines with almost anything. In addition, it is one of the cheapest vegetables and you can plant it at home. The main benefits of the tomato are its contribution of lycopene , an antioxidant that fights some types of cancer. Although you can consume the tomato only in slices, we recommend adding a little lemon and salt. These two ingredients will give you some extra flavor. The only recommendation is that the salt be ground instantly. In this way, you will avoid risks to your health.

3. Broccoli with Light Cream: Snacks with Less than 100 Calories

The broccoli is one of those foods that you love him or hate him altogether hopeless. In case you are from the second group, you should give it a try as it is one of the snacks with less than 100 calories. When you are hungry during the night or afternoon, try combining a cup (250 g) of cooked broccoli with a teaspoon (15 g) of light cream. This will give you about 95 calories, it is rich in fiber and has a nice enough flavor. In case you do not like the cream, you can change it for cheese. If you choose this option, place a slice of Manchego cheese over the broccoli. After a few minutes, it will have melted and you will be able to eat it.

4. ½ Medium Potato

Another snack with less than 100 calories that has great benefits is the cooked potato. Just let them boil a potato or half a half. Once cooked, eat it. This option barely gives you about 85 calories and complex carbohydrates that prepare you for exercise. Of course, remember not to exceed the potato can cause glucose spikes and weight gain if you do not exercise enough. To add a bit of flavor, add a spice of your choice, such as cayenne pepper or black pepper.

5. 1 Cup of Grapes (250 g)

Grapes are excellent allies of a healthy diet. In just one cup you will get only 32 calories. As if this is not enough, you should know that they have a good amount of health benefits. The main benefit is its contribution of antioxidants and satiating effect. We recommend you take a portion whenever you leave, especially if you go to the gym.

“This will allow you to supply your hunger and get energy when you feel down or tired”.

In case you do not have fresh grapes, you can try the frozen ones. The ones you should avoid at all times are canned grapes. These have chemicals and sweeteners that are difficult to control.


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