What are the 25 Keys to Lose Weight without Suffering?

What are the 25 Keys to Lose Weight without Suffering?

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It is important to eat healthy, but it should not become an obsession because doing so can affect our balance and make it harder for us to reach our ideal weight. We offer 25 very simple keys to lose weight easily and without suffering. Some sure we already know, but others will surprise us. Eating certain foods, changing the way you eat or avoiding certain combinations will allow us to lose weight in a healthy way, but permanently, avoiding health problems or regain weight in a short time.

The 25 Keys to Lose Weight

For the Whole Day:

  1. Drink water outside meals, to help our body eliminate toxins. If we drink a glass of water before starting to eat we will also not have so much anxiety about food.
  2. Do not make low-calorie or high- protein diets, as they damage our health and bounce back after a while. You have to find the balance between fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, animal protein, etc.
  3. Do not abuse any food, especially those that we know do not feel good, but also avoid “the diet of the artichoke”, “the diet of the pear”, etc. Each food has its benefits and the ideal is to consume them moderately.
  4. Do not eat in front of the TV, talking too much or with worries, since we usually eat more than we need and can cause bad digestion.
  5. Never stay full at meals. Leave a bit of hunger feeling that will disappear after a few minutes.
  6. Taking ginseng for a couple of weeks helps activate the metabolism and burn more calories.
  7. Do not abuse the flours or dairy, as there are many people who do not digest them well and that cause deposits of fat in our body.
  8. Do exercise regularly, at least three times a week.
  9. Getting used to climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator is an easy way to exercise every day.
  10. Do not give so much importance to food, enjoy it with serenity. It is important to eat healthy, but if it becomes an obsession it will affect our balance and it will cost us much more to have an ideal weight.

In the Morning:

  1. Choose foods rich in fiber: fruits, nuts, vegetables, brown rice, etc. Fiber is very healthy and helps us eliminate what the body does not need.
  2. Avoid white sugar and replace it with stevia, which has no calories. We must also watch with food or drinks that hide large amounts of sugar, such as pastries or carbonated drinks.
  3. Making full breakfasts helps us to have energy all day and not to snack between meals. We will choose fruit, yogurt, toast, smoothies, nuts, etc.
  4. Eat pineapple and papaya fasting, as both help to eliminate fluids and cleanse the body.

In the Afternoon:

  1. Chew food well to facilitate digestion and sate before, as it is shown that we are hungry for 15 or 20 minutes.
  2. 16. Do not eat fried or precooked foods, as they contain large doses of unhealthy fats. If we do not have an alternative, we will eat them in small quantities, possibly combining them with salads or vegetables and a digestive infusion.
  3. Avoid salt, which causes fluid retention. We will consume it in small quantities, also using spices, garlic, lemon, vinegar and onion to dress the meals.
  4. Take infusions such as green tea or red tea, which help to burn fat and prevent fluid retention.
  5. Snacking on fruit, which is rich in fiber and water, low in calories and very satiating.
  6. Try to prepare our own food and avoid eating out, which is usually more caloric and less healthy.
  7. Eat fruits and nuts in small amounts to avoid constipation. Although they are quite caloric, we can eat with a handful a day.
  8. Do not take the fruit for dessert, as it hinders digestion. It is better to eat it mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Yes you can eat the apple and the pear, which are considered neutral.
  9. Do not eat desserts at lunch. Better to take the sweets very occasionally and outside of the meals. This way they digest better and savor more.

At Night:

  1. Make light dinners, since what we eat after 8 pm we no longer burn it and it also harms our liver, it can cause insomnia, constipation, etc.
  2. Eat regularly vegetable purees, which are very satiating and healthy. We can even add seaweed, which increases satiety and gives us many minerals.

In conclusion,

“It is possible to lose weight without strict diets”.

Healthy eating and exercise will give us safe and permanent results. Follow these tips and get ready to lose weight!

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